Do you know that India has even more app downloads than the US market? In 2017, Indians
downloaded 12.1 billion apps on their phones compared to 11.3 billion apps in the US.
These stats clearly indicate that the market is shifting, and mobile phones are becoming the
biggest source of engaging with customers.

As per eMarketer report, an average mobile user spends approximately 3.5 – 4 hours a day
on his mobile handset everyday that means a brand has an undivided attention of 4 hours to
reach to his customer.

These stats are making it important enough to understand why every small business needs
digital marketing agency in India. We have listed down few points which will help you
understand how a digital marketing agency in Gurgaon can help you grow your business.

1. Affordable medium compared to other

advertising options:

While traditional mediums like print, outdoor and radio have been the primary mediums for
smaller business owners to reach out to their prospect customers, the high onetime costs
and lack of optimization are some of the main disadvantages for these mediums.
Online advertising is comparatively a much affordable and easy to monitor medium since
the business owners can choose the marketing budget that they are willing to spend. The
users can choose upon the number of clicks/ visitors they want to generate on their social
pages or official website.

For example: One of our clients at Brandhues offers home cleaning services, our marketing
strategy included building a database of their customers. Now with only at a budget small
budget of INR 5000 they are converting the same leads in to revenue every week.

2. Measurable Medium of advertising:

The most important benefit of digital advertising is that it is very easy and free to measure
the performance, you get analytical reports for the marketing spends that you deploy and
hence you can measure which performance performs best for your brand. Also once you
can you create your marketing funnels using free tools at your disposal like Google Analytics
which also helps you in measuring other performance metrics like Website visits, Bounce
rates, time spent. Metrics like time spent and bounce rate helps you understand what the
type on content that is performing best on your website.

3. People buy what they see:

A website without visitors is like a shop without customers, in order to assure that business
and transactions are generated from your website you must make sure that your marketing
efforts are in line with your business goal.
Do you know that YouTube and Facebook are the second and third largest search engines
after the top search engine Google which clearly means that users these days do search
about the brand on other platforms just to either follow or get an idea on the quality.
According to Sproutsocial, 74% of final purchase decisions influenced by social media and
this data clearly states the importance of building an online presence or a community to
keep engaging with the customers and driving maximum ROI from the pool of your

4. Super tight competition

In a market like Gurgaon, potential is great for any kind of product and for that we can thank
the huge influx of younger people in the city and their high spending capacity. But as we
know the competition is greatest where the potential is great and hence, it is very crucial t
ensure that your brand has an edge over the competition.
To start with, search for 5 of your close competitors on google, facebook and YouTube and if
you see them that means that they are making efforts and moving forward each day by
acquiring customers online.

5. Numbers Matters

Do you know a website that appears in top 5 results of a Google search engine occupies
around 33% of the total traffic for that keywords? Search engine optimization is a slow but a
very robust process and every business that believes in driving more revenue online invests
a reasonable portion of their monies on Search Engine Optimization. Digital marketing
strategy is similar to a process of planting a tree, it is slow paced and time consuming but

the results are fruitful and with the world moving towards a super obsessive pattern of
internet usage, the online revenues are only going to grow.

We Brandhues, a digital marketing agency in Delhi-NCR work closely with many such small-
and large-scale brands to help them grow their business online. Reach out to us by clicking
here for free health analysis of your brand’s online presence.