The ways to reach out to your customer audience is changing rapidly with new marketing tools emerging in to the market everyday. The challenge that each brand and business owners face these days is whether to look out for an advertising professional and keeping things in house or to hire a marketing agency and use their expertise to grow their revenue online.

While there have been many cases where keeping a marketing team in house has helped businesses  grow their revenue, but it is also important to remember the fact one has to do the things they are best at. For example, a business owner has tons of responsibilities from client meetings to keep a track on their inventory and this makes it hard for them to keep a track of every changing technology scenario. Hence, we have listed down few points that you can refer to when looking out for the best Online Promotion Company in Delhi.

What are your company’s Online Marketing requirements?

The initial step is to figure out your company’s marketing requirements before looking out for an agency. What is the strategy that will help you grow your customer base? Is it SEO (Search engine optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization) and Google Adwords?

For eg : when you are in a bakery or a cafe business, it is crucial to build a happy and healthy community around your business so that people from that community later become your permanent customers and at the same time will also add more customers to the community.

This community will help you generate positive online reviews on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Swiggy, Zomato or FoodPanda.  Do you know that positive online reviews affect 67% of online transactions?

Hence in this case it would be awesome if your agency thinks in the same direction to help you build a healthy community using tools like bulk sms, facebook pages, facebook groups or Instagram Business page.

How do they run their own business?

One of the best signs to look out before hiring an agency is to do some research on agency’s own work.

What are you looking out for? If you’re on a lookout for a social media agency in Delhi, you might want to visit the agency’s online page or handle just to see if they are doing it right. This will help you get an idea on the creative work and consistency that they put in their own craft.

If they don’t do it for their own business, it could be a red flag that the agency don’t really believe in or are capable of the services they offer.

What are their KPI’s?

The agency that you are working with or talking to, is it offering you only vanity metrics? Vanity metrics are the metrics like Facebook likes or Insta follows. While this should be one of the key metrics when looking out for Social media agency, there are multiple other metrics that need to be in consideration. We have listed down few of the KPI’s that you have be to sure if your agency is offering you or not.

Cost per click: In their paid media strategy are they telling you about the cost per click, which is a clear indication if they are willing to keep a track on spending your marketing budget efficiently.

Website Visits: For every business creating a website is the first step towards an online business journey but without visitors on a website, every website is like a shop with no customers walking in. Hence, you might want to speak about the visitors that your agency should be willing to pull on your website using different techniques.

Traffic Sources: Each agency out there, uses different techniques to drive website traffic but are they keeping a check on it? Are they willing to tell you different traffics sources and help you by optimizing the mediums that are working the best.

The challenge with smaller businesses is that they do not have abundant marketing budgets unlike international brands to bombard users with their ads. Hence for a smaller business, they should be able to track their marketing effort and learn which is working best for the brand.

What results do they promise?

When you meet people from different marketing agencies, a lot of them are going to promise you the universe in terms of results but you must keep in mind like every traditional marketing medium, Online marketing too has limited horizons.

It would be a lot helpful to notice if the agencies are being realistic and if they are keeping their marketing tactics transparent.

The best choice would be the agencies that tell you about the marketing funnels that they are willing to use for your kind of business and are promising you realistic results and not scammy unrealistic results.

What do they charge?

“You must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing” – Andrew Jackson. T

his quote speaks a lot about the truth out there in the market. There are many agencies that are charging from thousands to lacs as a retainership cost to service businesses.

While you always have a right to choose what you can afford please do not forget that an agency which is willing to work for you at a very low cost would not be willing to go the extra mile to assure your business’s success.  

Hence, you can evaluate an agency’s cost based on the services and details that they are offering compared to the price against them.