5 things to keep in mind when doing Influencer marketing in India

What is the need for Influencer marketing? This is the first question that pops up in marketer’s head
when planning and evaluating their marketing plan. While influencer use the same platforms as
brands do to promote their services/products, influencers are master of their crafts and that is why
they have more organic followers which are hooked to them because of their continuity and
seriousness for their craft.
To understand this better we have listed down 5 important things to keep in mind while doing an
influencer marketing:

1. Defining Goals
An activity can go haywire if you are not aligning your goals as per your campaign objective. If you
are a launching a new brand / product then you might need to focus on achieving a wider reach for
your campaign and hence you would want to go for an influencer which has a huge reach and
follower base irrespective of the demographics of their follower base. But if you have a different
objective like driving sales using the influencer then you might look for the influencer which may
have a smaller reach, but their follower base is relevant to your target audience.

2. Choose the right influencer
Choosing an influencer might seem a simple and easy job but you might want to invest some time
and consider the possible options before finalizing influencers which in future will be representing
your brand. These criteria need to be remembered while making the decision:

Relevance: When an influencer posts content, he or she engages with their own folower base so it is
important to figure out that if the influencer follower base is relevant to your brand’s target
Reach: Aim for the influencers which have a higher subscriber/follower base so that you can have
higher reach and your product can grab higher eyeballs
Engagement: While reach is important please also keep in mind that an influencer’s popularity is
also connected to the engagements that they get on handles. You can get an idea on engagements
by looking at the comments section.
Experience: Apart from the reach and quality of the influencer, experience is important thing to get
an idea of how the influencer does the brand integration. It is always helpful to choose an influencer
who has had an experience on working with brands like yours.

3. Rely on your influencer and not vice-versa
While it is true that no one else knows your brand’s communication better than you, you have to
remember this fact that you are connecting to an influencer because they know their craft better
and have mastered it with years of passion and hard work. Let them share their ideas and work with

them instead of dictating what do you want. Also try to keep the integration as subtle as possible by
using your influencer’s creative talent.

4. Create user-centric content
Instead of making another TVC using a fancy influencer try to go with the flow by mixing in to the
audience behavior. For example: Let’s say if you are working with an influencer to create a video for
an FMCG brand you should aim for working on a recipe video with subtle integration of your product
as the influencer integrates your product in a subtle way.
Below is video of one of a video that we created for a campaign with FunFoods by Dr.oetker, you can
access to the full case study by clicking on the link here.

5. Do not ignore the importance of Call-to-Action:
It is obvious that the one does not aim to make tactical sales using the influencer marketing and the
idea is do to branding for brand name and virality but at the same time call-to-action is crucial to
share important information that engaging users might be interested in. For Eg: Your products that
have been used for integration are available for sale at Amazon, then you may want to mentation
that in your video towards the end, or just mention this in the description of uploaded video.